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Post-Secondary Education Institutes

  • Purchase either our 4-course 'Indigenous Emphasis' or 6-course ‘Restorative Practices’ program and it is yours!
  • There are no added fees or associations. All tuition /fees can go directly to your school/organization.
  • Offer it when it fits best with your academic calendar (semester, full year, summer)

In-class or On-line   
(hybrid or asynchronous)

Individual Learners

  • Register by the course for what fits your personal interests and goals 
  • No need to follow a course sequence - it is up to you! 
  • See ‘Our Calendar’ for when our courses are offered
  • On-line: we offer options

    Asynchronous - on your own at your convenience: 

         Global Justice, Community Development, and Indigenous Education  

    Virtual live - login for shared class scheduling:

         Essentials, Quintessentials, and Multi-Cultural Contexts

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